The Death of Cory Viewed from Lea Michele's Chart: Part 1

The death of Corey Monteith from the hit show, Glee, shocked everybody and nobody was hit as hard as his onscreen/offscreen girlfriend, Lea Michele. The young actress received the devastating news that her boyfriend had died from a drug overdose (a toxic combination of heroin and alcohol in a Vancouver hotel room).

Astrologically Lea has the Sun in Virgo right on the spot (exactly) that Neptune is transiting in Pisces at the moment and it forms an opposition to her natal Sun. In astrology the Sun rules the males in our lives, ourselves, and life-path. Neptune rules loss, despair and a terrible sense of drowning. Lea Michele actually has Sun square Saturn natally and Neptune forms a massive mutable t-square bringing stress upon the essential meaning of the planets. It can show that the usually grounded star can feel caught up in the undertow of Neptune's grip, sweeping under her feet and slowly transforming her life. It can bring in deep confusion, terrible loss and a sense of not knowing where one's life is heading anymore. Below you can more about a Sun-Neptune transit in the natal chart:

The transit may bring serious problems if we abuse drugs and alcohol, and this is a time we may lose our sense of objectivity, focus and sound judgement. The transit frequently brings a profound sense of disappointment, discouragement and disillusionment, and there is often a strong urge to escape from the world. We are super-sensitive, spiritually, psychically, and physically, and so have to be carefully not to fall apart during this time, and try to keep some hold of reality.
There is also a chance that we might become overwhelmed by feelings and emotions that do not belong to us, but like the great sea, the solid world and what appears to be reality shifts and changes shape, enriching us with a newer, broader and more inclusive perspective at this point in our life. However, the dissolution and movement of this cycle can be frightening and disillusioning, eroding boundaries and changing our sense of reality dramatically. We have to be careful under such transits of romantic illusions and confusions in our romantic involvements.  
The presence of Neptune often creates a situation wherein we feel overwhelmed by our emotions over a certain man in our life; finding it difficult to see him as he really is. Sometimes this transit often coincides with the worst disillusions in our life involving men. Under Neptune transits there is always a sense of personal suffering born out of conflicting feelings and our own personal longings for a relationship with the masculine. Idealization can make a practical relationship nearly impossible, but the Neptunian kind of partnership is only potentially unhealthy on account of its saviour-victim tendencies.  
In a woman’s horoscope her husband may even experience some problems with deception, addiction to drugs and alcohol, or sickness. A significant male in a woman’s or man’s life may become the victim of the outer world and misunderstood in some way. It could indicate the frustrated artist, unlived dreams and a general feeling of dissatisfaction. Read More... 

In Lea's chart transiting Saturn crossed over natal Pluto indicating a major transition in life and the combo is often frequent around the time of death, but my sister also just got married under the same transit, proving that life changes form on every level and beginnings and ending happen all the time. Transiting Pluto is also trining the star's natal Sun the two planets forming often show a major transition in life. Many times it shows positive growth, personal make-overs, and change, but there have also been cases of death of a male figure, even with the easy aspect present.

Pluto rules death in all forms and as hard as it is it also rules moving onto a very different life and signals that life will never be the same again, but with time and healing she can make herself a brand new future and carry him with her always.

"Trauma creates a rupture in a person’s life story. Assumptions about ourselves, our place in world, and our expectations about the world are shaken, even shattered." By Stephen Joseph

Transiting Pluto also crossed natal Mars in Lea's chart at the time of her partner's death. Mars-Pluto conjunctions have been present in the death of a male as discussed with Elizabeth's Taylor's chart after she lost her husband in a violent plane crash. It can create self-destructive feelings, and a man in a female's life could be on a path that is not healthy for him. It can indicate a time of anger and rage and this would be normal considering the circumstances after losing a loved one so young. A Mars-Pluto aspect is a conduit for the powerful energy of transformation, and it is also connected with a life and death struggle.

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