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Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio
Those with Saturn in Scorpio have deep fears and vulnerabilities, and these are defence mechanisms against emotional dominance. The individual creates a sense of security by holding on tightly to everything and everyone. Scorpio is grouped as a negative/fixed/water sign, so they feel things deeply, have powerful emotions, and their nature can be very dark and broody.

However, Saturn placed in Scorpio tends to hold back, and intense pride and a suspicious nature can cause them to be over-defensive. They are good at hiding the depths of their passions, but are also frightened to reveal it. These people require absolute loyalty from loved ones, and need to be in emotional control. Quite often they deny themselves the deep intimacy and merging with others they crave.

Authority figures in their early lives found it difficult to express themselves emotionally and were hard to get to know underneath. The individual may have learned about sexuality at a young age or other taboo areas. Many have experienced a traumatic loss at an early age, but the adults around them felt very uncomfortable and denied the individual from expressing their feelings about such topics.

Saturn in Scorpio is compelled to learn about the taboo nature in order to master them. Learning how to trust, bond with others and give their all to someone which often means giving up control. Saturn here involves tests around sexuality, power, and life and death issues. The individual is trying to manage their intimate relationships through sharing, probing their inner depths, handling joint resources in any partnership.

Those with Saturn placed in Scorpio handle others property, taxes and insurance. They can be an authority over areas of weakness - addictions, drinking, and sex. Some obsessive tendencies may be present and creative eating disorders, sexual blocks, or jealousy. The energy can turn destructive if they can't learn to forgive and forget. The fear of death, sex and emotional involvement are many of the trials along the path towards true power, resourcefulness, and stamina.

Many of these individuals handle other peoples crisis well, but have difficulty when it comes to their own turbulent emotions. Saturn tries to block what it fears, and is afraid of how deeply they feel.  The art of transformation fascinates Scorpio and life itself feels like one big roller-coaster of emotions, and in order to change they need to learn how to let go.