Sun-Pluto Transits: Life, Death and Rebirth

Under Sun-Pluto transits some part of our life changes, and nothing stays the same. Sometimes it happens suddenly, and the proverbial rug is pulled out from beneath our feet and all sense of security is lost. It may be a long drawn out process and our life changes completely by the end of the transit, or it is our identity that alters significantly.

With Pluto transits it ends one chapter and begins a new one. I know this is becoming an overused phrase on the blog, but this really is the best way to describe a Pluto transit in our lives. Transiting Pluto trine the Sun usually represents an easier transition for any individual towards self-renewal, massive change, and endings.

Under the transits of Sun trine Pluto I have observed people relocating across country, and it massively indicates a new way (Pluto) of life (Sun) for the individual. One is leaving behind an old environment and beginning life in a new one, uprooting in a positive sense. Such a dramatic adjustment allows us to reinvent ourself and our world.

However, it must be said, that in some instances, even an apparently "benign" Sun trine Pluto transit in the horoscope can turn one's life around completely when change is the last thing on their mind. Pluto transits change life dramatically and fights against inertia, and so we undergo an intense transformation of our behavior and lifestyle.

We often feel a more powerful sense of our own destiny, gain deeper self knowledge, and feel more passionate about living. Snake metaphors are particularly relevant when trying to describe Pluto transits, especially for people new to astrology and unsure of the process. The snake metaphor leads nicely towards celebrity examples of self-improvement, self-transformation and radical makeovers.

Mariah Carey and Diana Princess of Wales underwent dramatic make-overs under the transit of Sun-trine-Pluto. Obviously this is most likely to occur when a woman leaves her husband.  The Sun-Pluto transit describes dropping an old self-image and revealing a newer and improved one underneath. The wonders of makeup, a new hairstyle, clothes and diet does wonders for a woman’s self-esteem.

I have found that when a woman is under a Sun trine Pluto transit and a signinficant man in her life is less than "self-empowering" he is usually headed for the bin. A man who is over controlling, abusive, or dominating, is teaching the woman to learn how to be more self-empowered and  find the strength to shed him loose.

Sun-Pluto transits are just like an old skin that she has out-grown, and she begins to understand her own naivety and becomes a stronger individual, but she must also shed her old skin in order to grow, and understand her own psychology. The snake is seen as a symbol of power and time because of their ability to shed their skin and renew themselves.

Pluto transits seem to promise rebirth and rejuvenation, and involve recreating one’s self-image, finding a new identity and bursting out of our outgrown casing. Pluto transits are also a symbol of fresh strength and renewal. In mythology Snakes are often found guarding hidden treasures, and represent our inner wealth and possessions (Pluto) and powerful sense of resourcefulness.

Another interesting thing about snakes is that through their sharp vision they are seen as ever watchful of our unfolding destiny. More difficult Sun-Pluto transits may create a hostile or mistrustful attitude to the world, social withdrawal, feelings of emptiness or hopelessness, a chronic feeling of being on the edge or threatened.

Sun-Pluto transits are active when there is a a life threatening situation or a major crisis looming. The Sun rules the men in our charts and so it may signify power-struggles with a male in our lives. The transit is often a symbol for the death of our father, or huge upheavals happening in his life. We may have a partner fall into deep depression, or present disturbing, obsessive, and dangerous behaviour. The man in our lives may even experience something traumatic occurring during this course of this transit.

An important male in our life might undergo a significant ending and a new beginning. It could be a death in his life which touches him to the core, and he changes dramatically, and is not the man we knew before. It is not uncommon for others to remark to a Sun-Pluto transit person that they have undergone a personality change. This could be a positive or negatively perceived one.

This may be a time in life when we embark on a new career or life-path and so we do need to let go of some part of old selves for the process to happen. Pluto transits also represent the power of conception, pregnancy and childbirth and gives us an awareness of the whole life process. Life is filled with complexity, change, and interrelatedness of life and death is an essential part of being alive.

Pluto transits represent a wisdom of some kind, and knows what we are going to need in life, but the events that happen, especially under the more difficult transits (square and Opposition and sometimes the conjunction) appear primitive in nature. Birth and death itself is viewed as the snake shedding its skin, and to die is like changing one’s body or sloughing off one’s skin. Death is a transition development process, a throwing off of the outer physical body.

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