Amy Winehouse Dead: Club 27

Amy Winehouse died yesterday of a suspected drug overdose at her London home. The 27 year old had fought a long and publicized battle against drugs and alcohol. Amy joins the astrological Saturn Return club of musicians who have all died at the same age. You can read in this article about the Lunar and Saturn Return.

Astrologically Amy had Sun conjunct Mercury square Neptune, and when it came to her music she had the ability and the craft (Virgo) to produce something creative, inspired and artistic (Neptune). A strong Neptune chart is often enormously imaginative, and Virgo has a fine eye for detail and is efficient in their work, and takes pride in doing a job well. When she is on top form she was praised for her craft and skill at making music. However, Virgo's can also be very self-critical as well, and being such a perfectionist is hard work up against Neptune’s chaotic world. Neptune floods her personal consciousness and along with being deeply inspiring in her creative work, it can also keep her unfocused, ungrounded and drifting along in an addictive lifestyle.

Sun-Neptune is an extremely sensitive and imaginative aspect, and she can get lost in her dreams and fantasies, but the downside of this aspect is the reluctance to face reality and the powerful need to avoid and escape life. Neptune struggles in life with staying “sober” and she even resisted her record company’s attempt to put her into rehab. Winehouse also struggled with depression, eating disorders, and self-cutting. I believe the Saturn conjunct Pluto natal aspect in her horoscope is aspecting an angle of her chart powerfully (but without a birth time this is uncertain). I would definitely put in a vote for some heavy Scorpio, 8th house and Pluto energy in her chart. Scorpionic qualities are clearly seen in her appearance and music. Astrologically the Saturn-Pluto aspect attempts to break down boundaries, and much of what has been suppressed in her personality or kept buried erupts into consciousness. When the aspect is in transit it often occurs at the time of death, loss of security, and deep depression, and natally these were common themes in her life. Saturn-Pluto aspects also reveal a deep resourcefulness, self-will and powerful personality, but they usually have to face some kind of change or crisis in life to get to this point.

Amy also had Saturn in Scorpio (Pluto’s sign) and there are often early betrayals or humiliation at the hands of those she depends on. She might have found out about the taboos in life the hard way. Defence mechanisms involve deep suspicion, pride, and the need for the absolute possession of loved ones, sometimes Saturn in Scorpio longs for emotional dominance over others. There is a deep fear of being emotionally vulnerable, so trusting others and letting themselves be known in an intimate way can be difficult. Saturn-Pluto can dig in their heels and resist change, and refuse to go the rehab. Saturn-Pluto is self-destructive, and this aspect usually deals with handling a difficult blockage in the personality.

Without a birth time it is difficult to see where the transits are apsecting. In Amy’s chart she had a benign aspect of transiting Uranus trine her natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius. This transit is usually a positive one, indicating a sudden change in beliefs, unexpected opportunities, surprise gains. We usually feel an exciting sense of what the future could hold, and it denotes a phase of growth and expansion. We want to stretch ourselves across our normal boundaries, and it’s an over the hills and faraway kind of energy, and a sudden need to be free, and explore life further. In some chart’s it has indicated breaking free from people, situations, and circumstances that have made us feel trapped. It can be an exciting time, not knowing what is in store for us. Perhaps for Amy it indicated a spiritual freedom and lightness, indicated by death. Howard Sasportas says that when these two planets are in powerful aspect, we don’t come back the same person – if we come back at all. Transiting Neptune was also square the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. The Jupiter-Neptune transit is also linked to experiences that give meaning to our lives, and we can easily become disillusioned under such transits, and we make great sacrifices, and there is a tendency to over-do things. Traditional astrology books warn of being misguided, impracticality, and a clouded vision.

I will be interested to hear the autopsy results, to help put these transits into the right perspective, and nothing has been confirmed about a possible drug overdose. Police reports have stated there appears to be no foul play, and her death seems to be accidental.

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