Do Virgo's Bloom Late?

This is a question dear to the backbone of this Saturn in Virgo rising. Out of all the zodiacal signs, Virgo and Capricorn are considered by astrologers to be late bloomers. One astrological writer believes that Saturn in Virgo probably spends too much time and energy on seemingly minute and ultimately insignificant details. I would see it in a different light, and I feel any time spent laboriously on the details is not time wasted, and it helps to perfect the craft. Images of Virgo will include anyone involved in a craft, or some sort of technical achievement. However, I must ask the question: What do people mean by late bloomers? Is it about finding our true calling later in life? Is it getting married when we are 40? Did we miss the parade passing by? To help me with the definition of a “Late Bloomer” I looked up the meaning of the term on Wikipedia:

A late bloomer is a person whose talents or capabilities are not visible to others until later than usual. The term is used metaphorically to describe a child or adolescent who develops more slowly than others in their age group, but eventually catches up and in some cases overtakes their peers, or an adult whose talent or genius in a particular field only appears later in life than is normal - in some cases only in old age.

It’s often found that late bloomers are kind of bookish, with their heads buried in their work. I wouldn’t necessarily call Virgo’s late bloomers, but they don’t show off their gifts and there is a quiet humility which exists in them. It’s difficult to pin down what is meant by late bloomer. Development in any area of life happens when an individual is ready. Whether it’s the flowering potential of new writing skills, marriage, or finding a new vocation in life. Anyone can become a late bloomer, and there is always room for more growth in our lives.

Astrologically Virgo’s are discriminating, and they are categorists and like to know where everything fits by labelling, sorting, and classifying it. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and the accumulation of knowledge is important. Virgo’s acquisition of knowledge and skills ensures that time is not wasted, and that the results are useful for others. In fact, writers (Mercury ruled) usually are hermits for some period of time, in order to work they need to stay away from distractions, and allow the process to unfold naturally, and undisturbed. It is believed that many writers don’t publish their first major work until later in life.

Virgo’s are realists and they want to live a useful life, and they can put aside the things in life which are not considered to be practical. Liz Greene says that Virgo can throw away romance, and tragically life is full work and drudgery. In Virgo’s world everything is carefully studied; analysed and improved, and some would say that this kind of saps the enjoyment out of life.

The more introverted Virgo suffers from shyness and lack of social ease and confidence. A sense of inadequacy can create an inferiority complex, but they also have an intense need for privacy, and being opposite to the boundlessness of Pisces, they hate their own boundaries being violated. However, some Virgo people who have the sign emphasised in their charts may find that their strong need for privacy leads to isolation. In this case, it could be believed that Virgo creates its own sense of separation through their fear of others invading their boundaries.

Virgo also needs security, and this prevents them from taking risks in life. Therefore they may put themselves in limiting situations, and prefer the safety of a 9-5 daily routine. Guaranteeing their future is a more practical option for all earth signs. The stage which Virgo represents in the sequence of the zodiac is that of the completion of the individual. In Latin the word Virgo means unmarried or self-possessed. Virgo is not a dependent sign, they are learning about self-sufficiency, and belong to no one. The symbol for Virgo is the Maiden or Virgin, and she is endowed with the gifts of womanhood and she can remain independent and whole.

Virgo represents the time for harvest when the entire crop is cut and gathered after it has matured. Harvesting is the most labour intensive activity of the season. The myth of Demeter and Persephone has always been connected with Virgo but it also has its Scorpio undertones. At one time it was believed that Virgo and Scorpio were once joined, because the sign Libra had not been introduced to the zodiac. The Persephone myth involves the transformation of a young maiden into a wiser, more mature individual by the fruition of the harvest.

Sometimes it is necessary for Virgo on their journey to becoming whole, to live alone for some time. Virgo is, after all, represented by the Hermit in the Tarot Card spread. The Hermit is the card of introspection, analysis and study. In a reading the card signifies that it is not a good time for socializing, and during this time in solitude, one learns wisdom. The Hermit’s time of withdrawal helps them to develop a firm sense of their identity and to grow into an individual who is integrated within himself. There is a lot of inner work that Virgo needs to do, and in some sense they are always preparing for something.

Jungian astrologer Arthur Dion phrases Virgo’s penchant for detail in a powerful way. By focusing on a small flaw Virgo can miss out on the whole picture.

They are like the woman who wanted to discover the secret of beauty by plucking the petals from the rose, until of course there was no rose left to look at.

It could be Virgo’s all work and no play attitude which means that they miss out on some of the more spontaneous fun to be had in youth. In later life, there may be that feeling that they could have experienced a whole lot more, but other indicators in the natal chart may overcome the natural urge for solitude. Nevertheless, it may simply be part of Virgo’s journey to do the essential inner work. When these people are ready to give themselves, they do it by choice and not by a sense of obligation. Virgo’s have integrity and always stay true to themselves, but they might need to recognize that they will need frequent intervals in which to be alone. Virgo can be considered the quiet beauty of the zodiac, they may not be showy, over-colourful or out there like some of the other signs, but they possess an incredible wisdom and down to earth practicality.

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