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Venus in 9th House

Those with Venus in the 9th house may find it the norm to form relationships with people from other countries. The ninth house has been traditionally associated with travel, higher education, philosophy, religion and publishing. The individual may search for their values in other cultures, and relationships are not usually fulfilling unless there is constant growth. Lovers may be met on long journeys and places of learning, and they are attracted to others who share in their enjoyment of the pursuit of knowledge.

Sometimes partnerships are formed with those who work in publishing, research, translation, Law, or academics. This person may find that they are popular among students and teachers. Venus in the 9th house may receive money from far away, and have business deals with foreigners, foreign countries. Relationships may feel like a journey of discovery, filled with new possibilities and mental or physical adventure. Partners need to be challenging and stimulating, and share similar beliefs systems and philosophies on life.

Discovering new knowledge is also enjoyable and expands their value system. Those with Venus here may need someone who loves to talk about the nature of the universe and the purpose of life. Venus in the 9th house expresses a natural appreciation for different cultures and far off lands. The individual may fall in love with a country other than their own, or fall in love with someone they meet on holiday or abroad. Venus in the 9th house also confers harmony with marriage relatives. They are drawn to great thinkers and exotic people, and see the beauty in a culture different from their own.

This person may travel in luxury and to beautiful places, and they can be unsatisfied with what they find in their immediate environment. Perhaps art, beauty or foreign diplomacy is studied, and their charms and grace make them an ambassador of good will. There is a strong attraction to religious and spiritual ideals, and love comes through anything which expands the horizons. Venus here may feel the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.