Mercury in Taurus

Those born with Mercury in Taurus form conclusions based on physical facts and direct experience. The mind is tied up to material levels of thought, and they may constantly be thinking up inventive ways to make more money. Those with Mercury here are less interested in abstract ideas than in workable techniques which can be applied consistently. This person may have a beautiful speaking or singing voice, or communicate about art and music. There is usually a good head for business, but Taurean's think a lot about their financial security.

Mercury in Taurus gives a deep appreciation for art and beauty, or love and nature, and there is usually a good sense of form. Those with Mercury here want everything to be simple, and they are not likely to jump to conclusions, and usually possess plenty of common sense. However, once an idea is planted in their mind, it is solidly rooted. Mercury here assists the mind to work something out practically, and the mind ponders slowly every decision. These people won’t be pushed into making a decision quickly, and will express itself thoughtfully, quietly, slowly and cautiously. Mercury here likes to chew things over slowly, and any idea that challenges an already fixed concept, is reluctantly accepted.

Mercury in Taurus learns best when allowed to go at their pace, and the native takes time to learn a new subject. Some with this placement may be mentally laid-back, and take a long time to complete a project. Ideas can be conservative and traditional, and these people are not easily swayed by others. Once they have made up their mind, they aren’t likely to change it. This can also work in their favour, because once they begin a project they aren’t like to give up and tend to stay the course. This person may be slow to form opinions, but there is plenty of mental determination, and excellent powers of concentration, but they need to be aware of their tendency towards intellectual obstinacy and fixed patterns of mental expression. The danger of this position is mental inertia, but they are noted for their realistic solutions, and when in debate they construct a careful and well thought-out argument.

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