Moon in 8th House

moon in 8th house

The Moon in the 8th house has been linked with the death of the mother. However, those with the Moon placed here may not have experienced the death of mother. An 8th house mother may have been perceived as over-protective, smothering and manipulative and so the child felt suffocated. There may have been an extremely close and loving bond with her. Pluto and the 8th house also rule abandonment, trauma, crisis, family secrets, legacies and skeletons hidden in the closet. The experience of an 8th house Moon or Moon aspecting Pluto may signify the death of mother. Still, this is not the ONLY experience, and usually there may have been something in the family background that created a situation where the child felt unsafe, threatened and exposed to the darker elements of human nature. Unconsciously, an over-protective mother can create this unsafe feeling in her child. The mum often protects him/her with the best of intentions, but it creates a heightened sensitivity (Moon) to danger (Pluto) and if the mother feels unsafe, the child is highly receptive to those feelings.

 Sexual Abuse

Popular American actress, Sandra Dee, has her Moon conjunct Pluto. Her Mother and Father split up when she was young and she remarried a man 40 years her senior. At 8 years old, Sandra, slept between them in the bed and was the target of sexual abuse by her step-father. She never told her mother, but she believed her mother did know the truth and chose to ignore what happened. Sandra would have felt unprotected by her mother and the one person who we “expect” to keep us safe and protected from harm.

Death of Mother/Rejection

John Lennon’s chart reflected the early death of his mother and the rejection and abandonment he felt. John was prone to jealousy in relationships and it is associated with the early bonding with his mother. If any of us have a problem with jealousy and fear of abandonment, we need to re-examine our past and see where the problem is rooted. We can’t live fearing that those that we love will reject or abandon us. If we experience the early death of our mother, it is often natural for many of us to be over-protective of partners and children, in fear that the same thing will happen again. The Moon represents the past, mother and baby in us all. Our experience of mothering, care and protection and it rules our immediate and automatic responses.

Seduced by Older Woman

Sean Connery has his natal Moon in the 8th house and I always thought that he came across as a gentlemen. However, as I delved into his profile, it transpired that if a woman was a bitch, he felt it was justified to slap her. Tell us how you really feel Connery! When Sean was 14 years old he was seduced (8th) by an older woman and lost his virginity. His early experience of women would be coloured by the fundamental issues of birth, death and sex (8th). Maybe he felt manipulated into sex at such a young age. The eighth house also rules intimate relationships. A lot of women still find him sexy in his older years and maybe he has a seductive quality. Sean has Saturn (age) conjunct his ascendant in Capricorn (age) and trine the Sun (vitality and life force). The trine is an easy aspect in astrology and many agree that he has aged particularly well. I guess he is in his Saturn element.

Family Secret

Orlando Bloom also has his Moon in the 8th house and during his childhood his mother told him that his father was his mother’s husband. His Dad died when Orlando was 4 years old (Sun in 12th house square Pluto in 7th house) and it took 9 years later, until his mother revealed to him that he was in fact, his father. You can imagine how he might have felt over this long kept family (Moon) secret (8th) and one that his mother (Moon) was silent about for years. I don’t understand the reasons behind it, but I would be a tad mistrustful of women. The loss of the father, so early in life would have also been traumatic to both child and mother and a major crisis in her life.

Mother Abused 

Bill Clinton has his Moon in the 8th house and he too lost his father, but it happened 3 months before he was born. His natal Moon is also square Pluto (natural ruler of 8th house). His step-father was a gambler and a drinker and regularly abused (Pluto) his mother (Moon) and half brother, to the point that he regularly intervened with the threat of violence in order to protect them. He has also been accused of rape by various women but there has been no evidence for this. However, his other secret sexual affairs have been well documented by the press.
Death itself does indeed come under this house, but there are many kinds of death, and most of them are not physical; and every death is followed inevitably by a rebirth because it is only form, and not life which inherits the form, that dies. As a watery house, the eight deals primarily with emotional exchange. As opposite from the second house, that which has physical value and which constitutive stability of feeling. It is the eighth sign, Scorpio, that we may find a clue to significance of this house in matters of sex, emotional crisis, and the death and rebirth of the instincts as purified desire. By Liz Greene

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