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Scorpio is perhaps the most complex and misunderstood zodiac sign. Single minded, and driven by intensity of purpose. Scorpios approach life with total commitment, or none at all.

This deep, secretive, and impenetrable sign has a strong impulse to immerse itself in life and this is no more evident than in close relationships.

Often intensely lonely and with a voracious need to connect deeply with others, Scorpios have an overwhelming desire to feel a strong emotional bond with anything, or anyone, in which they are invested. The Scorpio individual is on the path towards learning how to integrate their own darkness, and no matter how controlled Scorpio appears on the surface, they are characterized by passionate emotional convictions.

The underlying principle of Scorpio is transformation, and this doesn’t come easy. It involves the release of the ego and this usually triggers pain and traumatic emotions. Being the second water sign on the zodiac wheel, Scorpio reaches a point of emotional crisis.

Profound emotions usually hide their vulnerability, they sting and wound anyone who seems to threaten them. Scorpio operates between passionate engagement with the object of their desire to frozen withdrawal it all depends on how weak Scorpio is feeling at the time. The Scorpion realizes that while intimacy heals many wounds from the past, being so close to others can hurt as well.

Exposing our psychological selves to others involves trust, and when we don’t use good judgment regarding the partners we choose, such exposure of our private selves can result in criticism, ridicule, and abandonment. Scorpio, hates its own emotional vulnerability, and will do what ever it takes to hide its vulnerable self.

Scorpio’s are hard to get to know and they need to look deep within to come to terms with their own mysterious nature. Scorpio is the sign most susceptible to the forces of dark and light, and they dread the thought of losing control, and this drives them to dominate everything around them.

Scorpio can become obsessed with both power and sex. When sufficiently provoked Scorpio’s can be possessive and suspicious, it can take them a long time to trust and open up and they can feel intensely lonely and are driven by an almost insatiable need for relationship.

Scorpio knows human beings all carry within them a dark side, and Scorpio is riddled with deep insecurity, the kind that makes the world appear untrustworthy. If you humiliate Scorpio, you better watch out for this sign is an emotionally volatile sign and they will not allow themselves to be teased, scolded or even threatened in demeaning ways.

When Scorpio reacts they aim for the weakest part of the individual, and on the psychological level where they know they can do more damage. Scorpio's passion is even more intensified, because it is often restrained or suppressed. Holding something back only makes it more powerful, and the Scorpions passion can become a strong and uncontrollable force. Scorpio types need to learn to release their heated emotions more often before they get out-of-control.

Scorpio is capable of putting up many psychological barriers, designed to forbid access to their underground world. No secrets are to be kept from Scorpio, and if needed Scorpio will enter into another’s territory to get any secret information they need to stay in control.

Self aware Scorpio types are dedicated to the exploration of the mysteries of the human complexity and they seek out knowledge, regarding the nature and power of their inner depths. The realm of Scorpio is where we undergo the beginnings of metamorphic change which later erupt to alter the landscape of our outer world.

The interior parts of Scorpio, is where the subconscious well of secret fears, hatreds, lusts, compulsions and other discomforting feelings live. When we exist in these states of emotion they continue to consume our energy and leave us in toxic states. Ultimately Scorpio’s must understand themselves, and find some peace within nature. Scorpio has extraordinary stamina in the face of pain and traumatic experiences and the sign possesses incredible will power.

Scorpio is the catalyst for growth, change and transformation, and no matter how painful the journey, they are willing to travel to the depths of their own being and confront those inner demons and psychological complexes. Scorpio is life and death and before the phoenix rises from the ashes, they often live in a locked state of darkness, until that time they take flight and show us the true power that nature possesses.