The Neverending Story: Saturn-Neptune

Neptune's ocean contains lost fragments of collective dreams, forgotten hopes and aspirations. the Saturn-Neptune archetype is shown here by the representation of other people's dreams and hopes waiting to be lived out and realized, and until that time arrives they lay at the bottom of a  Wishing Well. Saturn-Neptune lead us into feelings of hopelessness, despair, and frustration. This feeling is often internalized because we feel we are failing and cannot cope with reality. Collective feeling is a term that was originally coined by Carl Jung, he based his life work on exploring the inner realm of the unconscious, it's archetypes and motifs. Saturn-Neptune represents form and formlessness, and symbolises the frustration of human beings trying to realize their dreams, and put them into concrete form.

For me, The Never Ending Story resonates to the world of  Saturn - Neptune. The movie is about a young boy called Sebastian, and he enters into the story of Fantasia - a beautiful and magical place full of imaginary characters. Sadly, the world of Fantasia is slowly being threatened by the NOTHINGNESS. Human beings have stopped believing in their hopes and dreams, and the dark cloud of nothingness continues to consume Fantasia.

Atreus is a young boy in Fantasia with a fearless spirit and he offers to help save Fantasia from being discarded by reality. On the first leg of his journey he has to go through the swamp of sadness, and it is extremely difficult to navigate his way through. Slowly his horse is overtaken by the feeling of hopelessness and he cannot fight his way back out.

Fantasia has no boundaries and mirrors the world of imagination. Depression, separation and death (Saturn' reality) are slowly eating away at Neptune's dreams. To save this world all Sebastion needs to do is believe in his dreams and imagination. So, the moral of this tale is to keep believing in your dreams.

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