Mercury Conjunct, Square, Opposite Uranus

Those with Mercury conjunct, square, or opposite Uranus are usually attracted to learning new things, and everything can be mentally stimulating. They like using knowledge for the purpose of enlightening, and information tends to excite the individual. Often their minds change rather excitedly so it can be difficult staying with one thing. The world of information is unlimited and the person loves to explore, investigate anything unusual, thought provoking, and any area where there needs to be more progress made.

The Mercury-Uranus type usually does well in science, astrology, unorthodox subjects, astronomy, math, technology, electronics, education, politics, computers, and psychology. The person possesses the ability to quickly understand new ideas. Although they tend to hold many ideas that are at odds with society. In this sense they can be a mental-rebel, with a liking of taking impossible ideas and making them possible. They are receptive to everything that has never been considered before.

 The individual tends to one of those open minded, universal types, and really cannot tolerate others being close minded, or refusing to see a different reality, and also dark ignorance. The mind is a place of light, they expand beyond mental boundaries, and they tend to have a preference for futuristic thinking. Wherever Uranus is this area of life knows no bounds, it’s unlimited and can bean  area of uncalculated growth. The mind speeds up and the mental steps are accelerated. The individual is also perceptive to new-waves of thoughts coming through.

It is usually the Mercury-Uranus individual that gives fresh insights to old problems, or something just comes to them all of sudden that solves a puzzle; they are the ones to make a breakthrough because of their advanced thinking and they may have a problem connecting the dots of how they go to their conclusions, because ideas tend to arrive full blown. The person seems to show great insight, possesses a knack for discovery, offers up solutions, improves situations, and uses their intuition, glimpsing into the future. They also exhibit ingenuity, originality, and creativity. They usually hate stifled learning situations.

The person’s thoughts may appear to be jolted at times, and seems radical or unconventional with unexpected comments, the thoughts haven’t always had time to process properly, they seem odd. The person may also shocks others with the thing that he or she says, almost looking for a reaction, stirring up a situation, and getting into an argument. They can be brilliant, bright and articulate and at other times offhand with their ideas, fanatic, fixed, becoming obsessed with an idea, ideal or theory. They sometimes act as if they are mentally superior, acting like “know it all”. A great impatience can develop with others who don’t perceive things their way, or are not fast enough to keep up with their string of thought patterns. Sometimes it results in the individual being unable to communicate with others harmoniously.

Being mentally calm is challenging for the individual at times. The person can be contradictory a great deal, and tactless; they can be powerfully self-willed and stubborn. The individual may suffer from breakdowns in communication, and they person may have developed twitches, convulsions, or nervous ailments and can be an intellectual “live wire.” The mind needs to learn how to wind back down, their biggest difficult is switching their brains off, which can lead to mental instability.

The way they get excited about ideas the mind comes alive; there is the potential for genius. The Indi dual with Mercury conjunct, square or opposite Uranus cares about free speech, and about being honest and direct. They are experimental, they love to arouse, and incite those around. The person does not like being told what to think, and they can also get easily bored if there is not enough stimulation. Unless the individual learns to focus their gifts, be less pig-headed, more disciplined, and learn to listen to others then their great mind goes to waste. They possess one of the most inventive aspects in astrology and their thoughts are revolutionary, they intellectually grasp ideas way before others. Many with this contact talk fast, read fast, or learn fast.


Pisces, Neptune, and 12th house: The Amniotic Sac – Psychologically Unborn

A doctor posted this picture on his Facebook page. For a baby still to be born with the amniotic sack still intact happens in every 1 out of 80,000 births. The amniotic sack is a bag of fluid that develops to protect the baby during gestation and delivery. The sac is filled with clear, pale, fluid in which the unborn baby floats and moves. It has also been described as a warm protective sea, and it serves to protect the foetus from any blows to the stomach.

Anything in life symbolising a womb-like container is very Neptunian. After a particularly hard day we all want to climb into a warm bed, throw the covers over our head and disappear for a while. We might also run a bath, completely immersing ourselves in the water, or throw a pair of headphones on and drown the world out. I first learned the phrase : “psychologically unborn” from Liz Greene’s Neptune, and the Quest for Redemption, where she pointed out that hospitals, places of asylum, and mental illness, a kind of psychological escapism are retreats away from reality. Drugs and alcohol and other uses/abuses possess the power to help an individual to forget, and to totally lose the self at the bottom of a bottle.

We also know how frustrating it is to get these people to face reality and it feels as they are living in their own bubble. Many of these kinds of people seek financial support, some kind of umbilical cord that they attach to for sustenance; sometimes using deceptive methods. The Twelve step groups believe that these individuals must get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Many Neptune people find it hard to leave the womb or their place of safety and protection from the outside world. This is seen in an inability to take responsibility, avoidance of life, and “going within”. Escapism has been termed for those who take excessive time away from real life.

Neptune also rules extreme sensitivity, and possesses a deep, introspective nature, giving them a receptive energy. It helps with being mediumistic, retreating into art, music, drama, mysticism, poetry, remaining immersed in inner world of dreams. Also all of these things act like the umbilical cord and are a source of nourishment. Sometimes they are unable to communicate clearly, express themselves lucidly. Being given a wealth of images and imagination, they are very in-tune with the unseen world. They have a rich inner life, and many would rather keep to themselves.

Being a fish they are purely marine creatures, connected to a realm that has no measurable depths, but this also means they are least at home in everyday life. Textbooks tell us that self-deception, delusional thinking, and denial cause the Neptunian much of their suffering, With Neptune’s withdrawal there are times they go terrifyingly quiet. No-one can best guess what is happening with the individual at these moments, and you might wonder where your Neptunian has disappeared.


Cancer, the Moon and 4th House


Are you Good Enough?

Above is this beautiful giraffe used as a desktop screensaver. Giraffes hold a soft-spot, they remind me of a teacher in junior school, that has sadly passed away. This woman will always be remembered, and she only saw positive things, and that meant the world.  After completing a drawing of a giraffe she asked the teacher if I could drop by and show the artwork. The piece earned a gold star and heaps of praise. The teacher always had a liking for the shy girl at school, as this sensitive soul was certainly no artist. One could never forget those supportive feelings. Also being an individual born with a Sun-Saturn aspect in the natal chart there is a need to focus on the encouraging things and pay attention to the people that see potential in us.

Saturn can riddle the Sun with feelings of insecurity, we always come up against “brick walls” constantly and everything we do always takes a tremendous amount of effort. We need to focus on the good things in life and see challenges as growth inducing, even when progress seems slow, we must remember that success is built step by step. Sometimes we have to hold on longer for success to come, face more trials, and persevere. It helps ease some of that frustration if we hold on to the good stuff. We need reminders that other people are rooting for us, even when we feel like we have failed. It can be hard being the last one to finish, but I find Sun-Saturn people are secretly working towards what they want even when there is a lot of trial and error, and they put great effort into their plans. Saturn rules limits. Saturn rules time. Saturn means isolation. A lot of the work is done alone, but that is also part of the lesson.

One of the biggest teachings for Sun conjunct, square or opposite Saturn is forming as an individual. It can mean accepting responsibility, gaining experience, and all of that needs time. The person needs to carve out a niche for themselves in the world, and this could mean contributing something to the community. It could also mean building something of value to others, or becoming a respected individual. It takes hard-work, and Saturn asks: Are you good enough? The planet can be crippling, so you need external support at times, but self-belief also has to develop and no-one can really give that to you. It has to be won, through achievement, through effort and slowly climbing to the top of the mountain.

I am 5’9 so there is an understanding about the awkwardness of being the tall girl, and I think giraffes are lovely. If you are suffering with confidence and self-belief problems, find something that reminds you of the positive and use it as a reinforcement, sometimes others see things in us that we have difficulty seeing ourselves, or even believing are true.


Astrology and Synastry: The Rock

I fell in love with this picture above showing the longevity of the partnership. I know ya’ll wonder what the astrology glue is that holds a couple together. It could be shared responsibility and property and children, and then we usually look to Saturn. Saturn represents time, stability, and making a commitment so a strong connection involving Saturn and the personal planets as well as the angles across the synastry chart is always a plus. A long-term relationship usually needs a tie that binds, You can be different with each relationship, your trying to meet the other half way, and you also have a new composite and synastry chart with every new man or woman. Saturn can sometimes dampen relationships, or weight it down by duty.

A long relationship isn’t always held together by love, and some people fear change, but sometimes love is a powerful factor in why the relationship is still together even if your synastry chart shows more kung-fu aspects than those flowery connections that us astrologers rave about at times, you know the ones, Sun/Venus Moon/Venus in harmony, etc.. It then goes back to the individual natal chart. One person may prefer a bit more drama and excitement in a relationship while another hates all the stress and conflict that is involved in maintaining it.

A tie between two Suns is often a good feature, and Carl Jung was a believer of the Sun-Moon connection and found many married couples with this aspect. Some believe if the Moons fall in disharmony they will never feel truly at home with each other. The emotional responses required are too out of sync, and there is no sense of belonging. It is thought that an emotional bond could also be the adhesive of a long relationship.

The usual Venus/Mars ties may also be obvious. For the relationship forming - Venus in progression is often a sign of a love affair occurring. The outer planets to a woman’s Sun (men in her life) have sometimes symbolised a new man entering the picture, and sometimes it's long lasting, and at other times they are only there for the duration of the transit, so you have this short term connection to learn from one another. Pluto aspecting the Sun, Venus or Mars in transit could describe a relationship entering your life that is intense, filled with power struggles, jealousies and attempts to dominate one another. Similarly you could meet a partner that changes your life in a dramatic way. The 5th and 7th house are good also for finding romance if a progression or transit enters that domain.

We usually have our ideal images of the type of man or woman that appeals to us and we carry these archetypal figures in our psyches. Usually we have deep attractions to people that embody those planetary symbols. The choice of partner may not be astrologically sound on paper, and it’s not usually our head that chooses anyway, and for all we know the couple in the picture fight like cat and dog at home. We sometimes choose the difficult over the safe so that we grow, and there is also that thing we call love…

Fine, then I’m not sorry either. I’m not sorry that I met you. I’m not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything, that in death you’re the one that made me feel most alive. You’ve been a terrible person, you’ve made all the wrong choices, and of all the choices that I’ve made this will prove to be the worst one. But I am not sorry that I’m in love with you. I love you...Vampire Dairies

Pluto's Persephone

Astrologically Pluto can lead us into situations that we are often unprepared for in life. The position of the planet in the chart usually represents an area where skills are underdeveloped. The sign of Scorpio is usually excellent with preparation they have survival skills that have developed after being unprepared. They learned the hard way about being naïve, and unaware. It is difficult to pull the wool over their eyes, and they do well as private detectives, psychiatrists and therapists; they enjoy analysing the motives of others, and excel at mind games, solving riddles and puzzles.

Usually Pluto transitions involve dredging up past traumas, and for the most part they help others to attain a psychological rebirth. Pluto does this by guiding others through the terrain of the unconscious. To Scorpio there are no dead ends and so they dig deeper, explore further, and if they are hopelessly trapped in a situation it is Pluto that will cultivate the strength to find the way out. Once we possess the right knowledge we can triumph over anything. The internal underworld is full of hidden treasure, and Pluto rules the unconscious and is related to depth psychology, so the more we learn about our inner-world the better equipped we are for life.

Pluto takes away our illusions we are violated, taken by force and invaded. It signifies going on that journey and there is going to be a loss and return. There is also going to be a lot of pain in the process. If these events happen when we are younger we are thrust into the role of adulthood far too early, dealing with issues that we really don’t have the maturity to handle. In myth, Pluto raped Persephone, the naïve maiden picking flowers, but through her painful encounter she awakened as a woman. Persephone has grown, matured, and been reborn as the queen of the underworld. On her return she comes back a deepened and darker self, and has rebuilt her life. The woman is remarkable in her development, and she crosses worlds.

Many of us change our hairstyle to reflect the changes within and the emerging new life. We transform ourselves on the outside; we are changed, and intensified. Pluto’s rebirth does not signify the end of growth as it is a continual process. Pluto represents those things that seduce, disturb and destroy us. Pluto can also symbolise separation by being ripped away from those familiar to us. It rules our passionate feelings, hidden crushes and sexual attractions, and we may be consumed by the intense fire of these desires. Pluto’s Persephone myth can touch upon issues of our growing pains the mother-daughter relationship, death and renewal.

A resurrection tale for Easter.

Portals to Hell: Pluto

The drawings of these Portals to Hell [funny gifs and hell combined] I thought were fantastic and pretty unique. The underworld is ruled by Pluto, and indeed it may be the place we are dragged to hell. Astrologically the planet rules the bowels of the earth, so it deals with our innards, guts, and takes a long, dark, intense look at our insides. Pluto experiences have been described as the devil and hell rolled into one.

The goal of a Pluto experience is to cross a threshold into a new resurrected life. We let go of our old selves and transform into something new. Saturn is also another planet associated with Satan, both have to do with man’s desires, lusts, cravings, and rules over the things that we keep suppressed and denied too long. Both planets have a relationship with the human shadow. Saturn and Pluto rule over our deepest psychological fears, and we desperately try to keep a lid on these aspects of ourselves for fear of rejection. Pluto can represent all things we stuff into a black box, and  label it: secret, private, frightening, or painful.

Through Pluto experiences we face the darkness of the soul, and it challenges us to confront a part of our own nature. Hell is thought to be a place of purification, and this makes sense when we understand the meaning of Pluto in the astrological chart. It involves opening up old wounds, healing, and when the desire to no longer suffer becomes powerful enough. The fire continuously burns, issues are forced, people are confronted; secrets are revealed.

During a Pluto phase the planet demands a lot from us. This is why Pluto is psychologically, physically and mentally exhausting – or to use my favourite term since Pluto rules the 8th house of taxes, Pluto is taxing on us. It will plunge us into the darkest experiences and we will come out the other side a little different from when we went in…

I fear this cat is experiencing Pluto over a personal planet and has found another portal to hell...I thought I saw a pussycat... -- Tweety

Interesting/Fun/Weird Posts

A new feature I might add to the blog [I will see how it works] is to post interesting, fun, weird, inspiring things I find on tumblr. It may help to fill out the days I don't post anything on here. I am a granny on Tumblr at 35 yrs old, as most people on there are teenagers, but I love photography and I like a lot of the things that are posted. I might actually prefer it over Pinterest which has it restrictions and is probably more my age. Can astrology be applied everywhere? Pretty much so...but some are tricky to astrologize, so it may be testing.

Your stuck with me this weekend as I have been left alone for the holidays, not Macaulay Culkin alone, because I am not 8 years old. It's weird in the house by myself as my partner and the kids are on holiday and I am alone for Easter. I have plenty of time to post, watch television, play music, go on tumblr ha ha....I am thinking of a tag so you know it's a tumblr astrologized post. Something like...Astrology Applied Anywhere and Everywhere.. series. Later I was going to test my video voice for my YouTube astro-videos while no one is home... ha ha too much time on my hands. I should practice sounding posh, or authoritative, sexy, or interesting...but it might come off montone.